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Mini Rice Mill Machine for Homes & Small Businesses

Bharat Agritech's Mini Rice Mill is quite simple in structure & very easy to operate. Our Mini Rice Mill is 100% safe & makes very less sound during operation. Designed for removing outer husks of raw grains of rice, it requires very little space for installation & can also be transferred from one place to another with ease. Our Mini Rice Mill is user friendly & consumes less electricity than other similar machines. Just pour paddy into the machine & receive fresh rice without bran as output. This machine is extremely beneficial for farmers & requires very low maintenance. This Mini Rice Mill is ideal for production of organic brown rice, semi polished rice & fully polished rice.

Additional Information:

Technical Specifications Benefits Advantages Disadvantages Attachments
Power: Bharat Agritech Motor 3HP with Single Phase (2800 RPM) Extremely useful machine for rural homes & small businesses Best Quality of Rice made at Home No Disadvantages Installation
Power Type: Electricity Excellent rural small scale activity Excellent Opportunity for Rural Youth to Set Up a Service Industry for Small Farmers Guidance
Capacity: 150 kg/hr Polished Rice / 200 kg/hr Brown Rice Production of pure rice bran free from husk Ideal for Farmers active in Paddy Cultivation
Weight: 50 kg 1- 4% extra yield of head rice depending upon the variety Good Business Prospects in Rice Producing Regions  
Raw Materials: Paddy (Preferably Old Paddy for Low Breakage) Control over degree of polishing from 3% onwards  
Ideal for Organic Brown Rice    
Good for Semi-Polished Rice    
Excellent for Fully Polished Rice    

Frequently asked questions by customers:

  1. What is Mini Rice Mill?

    Mini Rice Mill is a highly efficient rice processing machine, which separates the husk from rice. It is an ideal small piece of machinery, which can be used for making organic brown rice, semi-polished rice & fully polished rice. It is most suited for homes & small farmers.

  2. What are the benefits of Mini Rice Mill?

    Hullers are unable to control precise polishing of rice & also ends up in high breakage of rice. Mini Rice Mill is effectively designed to meet requirements of rural home & semi-businesses looking for producing organic brown rice, semi-polished rice & polished rice.

  3. What are advantages of Mini Rice Mill?

    The following are the benefits of Mini Rice Mill.

    • Lesser breakage of rice.
    • Can be utilized as service unit for other small farmers.
    • Farmers will not have to go long distances for converting paddy to rice.

  4. We do not know how to use Mini Rice Mill? Where can we get training?

    We will provide training for making organic brown rice, semi-polished rice & fully polished rice at the time of installation.

  5. What are the main raw materials?

    Paddy, preferably old paddy is the only raw material, which is required for production of organic brown rice, semi-polished rice or fully polished rice.

  6. What will be the processing cost per kilogram (kg) for making rice?

    Average processing cost of production will be Rs. 10 to Rs.15 per kg. This will be the cost incurred for making very good quality of rice.

  7. What is the daily production capacity of Mini Rice Mill?

    Mini Rice Mill machine can make 150 kg of rice per hour & about 1.5 tons in 10 hours.

  8. What quantity of space is required for Mini Rice Mill?

    You can also start Mini Rice Mill in a very small place, as little as 10 feet X 15 feet.

  9. Is the noise of Mini Rice Mill high?

    Noise is very low & you can also operate Mini Rice Mill at home.